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  • Exclusive Members' Only Community - Lifetime Access  ($1K value)
  • 20% Commissions On Personal Sales (earn $15 to $700 per referral)
  • 10% Second Tier Commissions (build a team of affiliates under you)
  • Contest Participation (10% of all initial sales are up for grabs monthly)
  • Weekly Livestreams (Wednesday at 1pm Eastern) ($400/month value)
  • Lifetime Commissions (All your referrals are hard coded to you forever)
  • Joint Venture Partnership Opportunities (Share of your clients' profits)
If you're seeing this right now, it's because what we do flat out works.

In marketing, the term "EVERGREEN" is used for products, segments and strategies that stay relevant over a long period of time. Whether you're starting out, or already successful, you're gonna wanna join us:

(We'll improve your cash flow and increase client lifetime value!)
Guaranteed To Grow Your Business
Kevin Roy, Founder
You can use our strategies to expand your own business, recommend them to service providers, or get paid to refer our affiliate program or membership community to others.
We Will Help You Generate More Leads, Lower Your Acquisition Costs, and Increase Your Profits. So, If You Like Earning More While Working Less: It's Time For You To Join The Evergreen Society.
1) Get others to generate leads for you; 
2) Hot prospects sign up instantly; and 
3) Motivated clients upgrade without you physically having to "sell them".
  • Mystery (Protect Your Secrets)
  • Energy (Optimize For Flow)
  • Truth (Works Every Single Time)
  • Heroics (Guaranteed Success)
  • Ownership (Control The Assets)
  • Delivery (Flawless Fulfillment)
$2,500 VALUE
Work Once, Then Get Paid Forever
  • Connect (Know, Like & Trust)
  • Affiliates (Ours, Yours & Others)
  • Monetize (Break Even and Profit)
  • Promotions (Perpetual and New)
$1,000 VALUE
Collect Automatic Monthly Payments
First 100 Members Get A $2,500 Strategy Call And These Bonuses:
  • Process (New And Unique To You)
  • Revenue (Is The Value Worth It?)
  • Offer (Make Them Say Yes Fast)
  • Genius (Do What You Do Best)
  • Results (Speed To Client Success)
  • Autonomy (Doable Without You)
  • Momentum (Continually Improve)
$4,000 VALUE
Package Your Intellectual Property
© Membership, Inc.
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